Monday, December 19, 2016

gasoline grill burgers

And we're done! Yesterday was super exciting and I had so much fun moving (probably in part because I didn't have to do all the heavy lifting - I left that to my boyfriend and Mum because I'm rather weak)! We hired the truck, drove to IKEA and Åhlens to buy some stuff and then we drove to my Grandparents' place to pick up a British antique mahogany table that they gave me (I really think it's beautiful and I'll definitely show it to you some day, perhaps I'll do a post about how I've decorated my apartment when I'm more established). Then we drove into Copenhagen and I went to get burgers from Gasoline Grill because we were all really hungry at that point. We carried all of the stuff up to my apartment, which was a bit of a challenge - particularly my Stingray chair, the new IKEA couch and the mahogany table. But we succeeded and we even had time to build the couch and my new desk. It's really cozy already and the colours are super pretty too! I'm in school now so I better go back to focusing on the lesson. I can't wait until tonight though, because my little sister is finally coming home from three months in Bangkok! I've missed her so much and finally I'm getting my Copenhagen partner in crime back! Can't wait to celebrate Christmas this year and do lots of Christmas stuff together!

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