Sunday, December 11, 2016

first time at bronnum

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My boyfriend and I went to Brønnum last night (for the first time) to have a cocktail before going home. I had to go the course again today, so we couldn't really stay up late last night. Anyway, I live pretty close to Brønnum (which is located just on Kgs. Nytorv) so I've figured that it'll probably be my standard cocktail bar. It's close to my apartment, the interior design is amazing and the cocktails were really good too! I had the orange one, which was called "Seas of Change" and it was a champagne and tequila cocktail with lemon and buckthorn. My boyfriend got the (girly) cocktail "Bella Vista", which was cranberry, vodka and some other stuff (not a Cosmo though). It was pretty full, so we had to stand up but that was fine since we just had these two drinks. Definitely going back! Their cocktail menu looked really good and it was actually pretty difficult to decide on a cocktail. So I'll have to go back to try some more. Right now, I'm at my Grandparent's place and waiting for dinner (I'm really hungry) and then I'm going to take a shower, check Insta and go to sleep probably.

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