Saturday, December 03, 2016

magasin du nord sunset

Image 5
I thought I'd just check in quickly! I'm in the metro on my way to the airport to pick up my boyfriend. His semester is over so he has almost all of December off (yes, I'm pretty jealous!)! So I'm really excited. My Mum also met up with me in Copenhagen today to help me fix some practical apartment things. Then we had a not so successful lunch (the food was pretty weird) and then we went shopping a bit. I bought 12 whiskey glasses from Nachtmann that I've been looking for and I found them on sale in a pop-up shop! Really lucky! Now I'm carrying them to the airport and back to the apartment. My boyfriend hasn't seen it yet, so I really look forward to show it to him! Then we're probably ordering some Gorm's pizza, I'm really craving the chévre and potato pizza bianca. I worked last night and had to get up pretty early today as well so I look forward to sleeping in with my love tomorrow morning. I wish you all an amazing weekend!

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