Saturday, December 24, 2016

merry christmas 2016

Merry Christmas dear readers! (I had to add the 2016 in the caption even though it looks a little ugly because I hate when my blog posts have the same name...) Anyway, I hope you all have a lovely Christmas today or tomorrow. We're celebrating Christmas today and now we're off for a walk in the not-so-christmassy weather. Then we're going to make chocolate confections, prep some Danish Christmas food (roast pork, caramelized potatoes, red cabbage, risalamande, cherry sauce) and then we're singing Christmas carols and dancing around the tree. It feels like we're the only family still doing that but it's such a nice tradition! The Christmas tree we decorated turned out very well in my opinion, we always opt for a Disney styled Christmas tree. And then we're opening the presents! My sister brought so many Japanese gifts that I'm really excited about. I also look forward to see people's reactions when they open my gifts, hopefully they'll be happy (but you never know lol). Merry Christmas!

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