Friday, February 17, 2017

citrine gilded marvels

IMG_4507 2IMG_4525
And a bit more jewellery for the glam lovers out there... I've been collecting the Gilded Marvels series from Danish Carré for a while because I adore citrines and the simple yet somewhat regal style of the series. Unfortunately I think they're ending it (and I don't have any earrings - imagine the horror!) but luckily I've gotten some gifts from it lately! I got the pendant for Valentine's Day and the bracelet with three citrines for my boyfriend and I's three year anniversary. Quite appropriate, right? Now I only need to buy a chain for the pendant and then I'm good to go. Other than prepping this blog post (which honestly didn't take that long), I've mostly been studying today. I also ran some errands, went for a long walk and I just bought what I hope will be my new fave blue jeans. Now I'm jumping into the shower and then I'll pamper myself with a mini facial before dinner.

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