Saturday, February 04, 2017

restaurant koefoed

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Hey pretty followers! I've been busy this weekend because my family has been here but tonight my blog will perfectly up to date. We had lunch with my Grandparents at Restaurant Koefoed, which is a Danish (Bornholmian?) restaurant serving classic "smørrebrød" with a modern twist. The food we had was so delicious! I had the first and third dish. The first one was avocado, Rossini caviar and crab meat (which is probably my fave shellfish). The second picture was a herring fried in salt with lots of beetroot (I tasted it and it was amazing) and the third picture is of tartlets with lobster and poor man's asparagus. Definitely a lovely place to go for Sunday lunch. The ice tea (I'm an ice tea addict - if I could live off of ice tea and popcorn I would) was really good too and the Bornholmian "honningsyp" was good too even though I'm not the biggest fan of schnapps. I hope you've had a great Saturday.

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