Wednesday, February 15, 2017

greenhouse vibes

IMG_4439IMG_4478IMG_4452IMG_4475IMG_4448IMG_4468Here I am in a very cozy outfit from yesterday. The dress is from Boohoo and already one of my favourites. I love minimalistic tight dresses. My Mum is visiting me and we've had a lovely day with lots of shopping. I bought a popcorn bowl from Pillivuyt, new black/golden sneakers from New Balance and some furniture from Kartell that I'll show you later. I'm super excited to get the Kartell stuff! And I also got a super cute pink cashmere shirt from Club Collection on my way home from the Botanical Gardens where these pics are taken. Now I'm in school and my lesson is starting soon so I've got to go.

Sunglasses: Fendi.
Dress: Boohoo.
Tights: H&M.
Boots: Uggs.

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