Tuesday, February 14, 2017

valentine's day michelin dinner

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Happy Valentine's Day! I hope you're all spending it with the ones you love whether it be family, friends or your partner. I've invited my Mum for dinner tonight, which we'll definitely need after a long day of shopping and walking about. We've just picked up the food at Kokkeriet and are supposed to heat the main courses ourselves. These pics are showing the dessert which was dark chocolate and red berry puree with a chocolate egg on top with some kind of chocolate filling and berry jelly inside. Gotipster has a really clever concept where you can order food online and this time I really felt like trying Kokkeriet's Valentine's Day dinner. What better way to celebrate Valentine's day than with some Michelin food!? One of the main courses we tried was cod, mussels sauce, carrots, lemon thyme and potato puree. The other one consisted of beef, mushrooms and truffle puree with onions and red wine sauce. Everything we had was just heavenly and I deeply recommend Gotipster and Kokkeriet for some luxury takeaway!

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