Wednesday, February 08, 2017

nabo copenhagen

IMG_5667IMG_5665IMG_5662IMG_5666IMG_5663Here are some food pics from the weekend! We had dinner at Nabo, which is Kadeau's little brother. We've been fans of Kadeau ever since my sister and I had our "confirmation" at Kadeau Bornholm. We had some dehydrated carrots and some kind of soya and octopus tea that I cannot recall the name of. Then I had fried cod roe, then cod and I had a blood orange dish for dessert. Unfortunately, it had some fermented blood orange juice on it that really had a quite harsh taste. Other than that, everything was good. They also have a Monday food concept where I think they have a sort of buffet. Definitely going to try that out someday. Now I'm going to sleep because I have work early in the morning. Over and out.

P.S. My dress is from Boohoo.

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