Wednesday, February 01, 2017

kokkeriet part 2

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And here's Part 2! The 1st picture (from the top) is of a test dish we had with a fried ball of crab meat (I think?), the 2nd course was langoustine, kale and Skagen ham, the 3rd one was Jerusalem artichoke, beetroot and truffle , then we moved on to a modern take on a traditional Danish food called "hens and asparagus in tartlets". It consisted of a quail, fermented garlic and an octopus tartlet and was surprisingly good even though I dislike both main ingredients. Everything is better in fancy restaurants... The 4th dish was venison, plums and a bitter chocolate sauce that was quite interesting. Then we had our 5th course with lamb ravioli that was also surprisingly good - perhaps a bit too intense lamb taste for my taste. Then we moved over to the desserts where we had: 1st course was cucumber, white chocolate and mint. The 2nd dessert (boy, do I love that combination of words) was lemon, caramel and sorrel sorbet with liquorice meringue on top and the 3rd dessert consisted of caramel, snow and a sorbet. Everything was really good and we were so full when we left! I was actually quite afraid that my boyfriend wouldn't be full at all after the meal. Luckily, that wasn't the case. They also served whipped butter (yum) and a bread that was out of this world. How come restaurant bread is so much better than regular bread that you bake yourself? Anyway, I highly recommend Kokkeriet if you wish to try Danish and "new nordic" cuisine at a restaurant with a  Michelin star.

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