Friday, February 03, 2017

pisco sour week at helium

We just got home and it's pretty late but I thought I'd just drop a post before going to bed. We had dinner at Nabo today, which was good but I'll post about that later. Perhaps next week because I think you've seen quite a lot of food pics on my blog this week. Anyway, after dinner we tried out a cocktail bar called Helium. It's located on Bredgade and the interior was pretty dark, mystic and cozy. It was apparently pisco sour week and since we really like pisco sours (throwing us back to Mallorca last summer where I had some piscos at Patron Lunares). So yummy! I love the foam on top and the sourness of the cocktail. The ones at Helium were decorated beautifully too. It's definitely a place I'll go back to with some girlfriends or my boyfriend another time but now I'm off to bed. Night.

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